The Plan

Phase 1:  Research (2018)

Before we can change our food system, we need to know what we are going to change.  Phase one is to research the policy we need in detail.

That means talking to farmers, to policy-makers, and to the many, many people who are already working on this issue.  It means learning the statistics and studying history.  It means digging deeper to find out which farmers make money and which don’t — and why.  And it means building a community that is big enough to create change.

Phase 2:  Documentary (2019)

Next, we need a rallying cry; a highly visible call to action that we can build our campaign around.  For The Hands that Feed Us, our call is a documentary that will capture the imagination and share what we know.

This means travelling across the country with a camera, capturing the realities of life on the farm, and then putting those realities in the bigger context of Canada’s food system.  And, in the process, we will collect all the footage and raw materials we need for a large-scale advocacy campaign.

Phase 3:  Campaign (2020)

Once the documentary is complete, we will take our message on the road.  Change happens when enough people stand up to make it happen, so we will share our rallying cry and find others who will stand with us.

We will show the documentary in as many communities as we can across the country, and grow our campaign, person by person, until we meet our MPs and MLAs face-to-face and demand that they help us make the changes we need.